Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long awaited update from the Vatchers

Where do I begin....My little family has had so much thrown at them, it is hard to remember and keep track of everything.  I have gone from making the best friend I could ever ask for from Heavenly Father to a HUGE move. So let start out with the friend.
     Ashley Davenport must have been my ultimate best friend in the pre-exsistance. We met about a month ago at church. She had just moved in and was in the hallway with her beautiful little girl Cordelia or as we call or Cordy. Of course with my son I am ALWAYS in the hallway. Ashley, you could tell is not your typical LDS lady. She didn't grow up in the church, but did find it later in life after a fun and adventurous path, and is now a Great member with an unbelievable testimony of the gospel. As most people know, I am not typical either. We introduced ourselves and found that we have soooooooo much in common and that we should have totally have been twins. She is the friend I have always been looking for. She is just the cutest most loving, and quirky person ever. I love it! Well, of course I knew it had to be too good to be true. Two weeks later Michael gets offered a position as a chinese teacher in MEMPHIS TN!!!!!! Go figure I met someone amazing that I could actually do girl time with, like really girly girl stuff with, and we have to move in 1 week. I was going to be moving away from the best friend I never got. We both cried about it. We did however get to sneak only 1 girl time in there. I introduced her to Charming Charlies! LOVE THAT STORE! Had lunch then went home.

Did I mention that we had to move in 1 week. That was crazy! In that 1 week Mike and I both gave our jobs a 1 day notice to quit and said our good-byes to our fresno jobs and lives. We rushed around packing all of our stuff, contacting movers, trying to find an apartment, and getting in contact with the bishop in Memphis to see what we were in for. Well, we didn't find an apartment, so booked a hotel instead until we could find a hotel. Well, Monday, July 30, 2012 was the big day. We packed our car full, gave big hugs and kisses to our family members, and drove... and drove... and drove. We drove for 3 days to get to Memphis. We did stop for a while and stayed the night with my mom in Oklahoma. I was so nice to see her.  Anyways, we got to Memphis, found his school and found that is was farther from where we planned to live then we thought. Good thing we didn't get an apartment.

So we found the perfect apartment for us. it is a 2x2 and sooooo cute and big. The Bishop we thought we would get that had helped us out so much had us over for dinner after we went to church with him and his wife. They were such a great couple. We are blessed to have had so much help from them.

This last Sunday we did get to go to our new and for sure ward and everyone was so friendly. Well, the older ones. The people our age, didn't even come up to us to say hi or anything. It was weird. Oh well. We are so excited to be apart of this ward and to meet and get to know them all. They have been so friendly and have already given us dinner invites and yummy treats. We won't even get me started on this moving company. HORRIBLE first experience with movers. We are not even recieving all of our stuff. 1/3 of our stuff is still in Fresno. Horrible. It does look like we might get it this weekend. YEAH!!!! Then I will finally have something to do other then go crazy in a house with just me and a two year old.

Well, wish us luck on this new journey through life.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines day and stuff

     Valentines day this year started out just like any other day, except there were so many flowers being delivered to everyone (my residents, and Patsy). I was kinda starting to feel left out. Well, I have to say I did it to myself because I had told Michael not to get me flower cause I just kill them anyways. Well, after that I decided I would never tell him that again. To make a long story short I got home before Michael and I was a little down in the dumps cause we were not able to go out that night either cause we didn't have a babysitter. When Michael came home he totally surprised me with yellow flower and told me I was the light of his life. and then gave me a bag full of all kinds of jewelry from Charming Charlies my favorite place in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! All yellow! See photo below. Then the next day he got me a box of sees candy all Scotchmallow! yummy!

I threw in a couple of extra pictured of my little man! I just can't believe what a little man he is becoming!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Call me weird but.....

I am in love with taking my lunch at work in my hatch back trunk! I did it for the first time today cause the weather was wonderful and I just wanted to get out of my office! I have my bag of cheezit mix and I am totally satisfied!

Friday, February 3, 2012

High emotions today

This post is just to vent a little bit! I got my hair cut, day 1 & 2 were good! Now that I have to do my hair on my own.... I HATE it!!!!! Just saying

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

She did it!!!

Our adopted sister Kristin MacIsaac just got married his month! Mom Vatcher, myself, Jennifer, and Megan all helped to put on this amazingly beautiful wedding! I am really looking forward to getting the pictures back from the reception! I did post a few pictures of what I was able to take with my phone, but not many!

My wonderful husband, with some help from our ward missionaries made the photo booth that I wanted jut the way I wanted it (see photo) and that was a huge hit at the wedding! Mom and Dad made all the food (crazy ppl) and I made eclairs (see picture the see the eclairs and the thief that stole a couple! Lol) and the cheesecake tarts! Meredith was so nice to make cake pops and Kristin's mom made homemade carmel. Jennifer also help by making some almond cookies. When I get the pictures I will most definitely post them for all to see!

Home maker in the making?

I was so excited at the end of my day when I looked back and saw all that I had accomplished that day! I stayed home from work to be with Aaron, and decided to make the most of it! I cleaned the house made a very yummy and healthy slow cooker teriyaki chicken with sautéed garlic and spinach over rice. Then I had left over spinach so I made tonight's dinner also yesterday! I made spinach lasagna rolls. And OMG they look amazing! I finished the day by cleaning the kitchen in its entirety. I felt so good, yet way tired by the end of the night!

I am soooo looking forward to when I get to do that on a regular basis!

On other news, I did cut my hair drastically! I did a longer pixie cut! (See photo) I had gotten a really bad perm and it fried my hair so I decided to start all over with my hair! The funny thing is....I love it! And so does my entire family minus Mamo and Chantel! Oh well! It is just a really fun and easy hair style! One of hear days I will get around to growing it out long again! Lol

We also have an addition to our family! We came across a dog the was lost and we were unable to find her home and he doesn't have a chip so she is now ours! She is a chihuahua mix and is about 5 months old! We named her LuLu but Aaron calls her pupu cause he can't say the L sound yet. It is so cute how Aaron wakes up and he first thing he does is look for her and call he name! I live it! Lulu loves Aaron and plays so well with him and is also a very calm and loving dog. He does sleep with Michael and I on my side of the bed! Oh i just love my new dog!