Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update on the Vatcher's

Well, The last week has been full of different events. On the 20th, Kristin (David's Girlfriend [David is Michael's Brother]) came back from China. She had been there as a volunteer as a Teacher. She was teaching English to some very cute little kids. Well that night we had dinner with the Chamber of Commerce.

Then Mom and Dad came up to pick her up! that is always fun! I unfurtunately, always work on Saturdays. So, they jus thang out around the apartment and did things there then when I got home we went out to dinner at the New Mandarin Garden. YUMMY!!!!!

Okay, I am starting to get more and more baby hungry, which is not good with us going to Taiwan this year. I have been looking at baby stuff on line. So if any one has a baby they want me to barrow for a day or for a few hours, I would love to. I need to get my baby hungryness out!

On another note, Taiwan. We still need to raise $7000 in some way. If anyone has any ideas as to how we can do this, please let me know. We can use any help you can give. Taiwan is getting more and more real. Yesterday, we went and bought our plane tickets for the flight there and back. And filled out the Applications for your Resident visas for Taiwan. YEAH!!!!!

Anyways, I am at work on my lunch break, it is way slow, but should get back to it now.


Chris and Cortney Walker said...

I was just thinking, If you have a baby in tiawan then it would have residency there, which would be a cool thing right? You made that cute apron you could sell those on the side, good luck with earning that money!

The Wiser Family said...

OK, I am totally going to take you up on the watching a baby thing. Josh and I could use a real date night. When I get back let's talk about
some dates!!

Ashley said...

Really? I saw steven. I think thats his name?! He was working then. Thats so cool.. I didnt know they owned that store! So did you have chocolate at your wedding? How fun.


ps- I love that your baby hungry. Maybe its just time for you guys to get going!! ;)