Thursday, April 23, 2009

91* in Taipei

Okay so it is definitely HOT here in Taipei. It is 91 here. That is not even counting the humidity! EWWW!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Late but this was Our Easter in Taiwan

Us after a large Easter meal! Fat and Full! What a way to end the day.

For Eater we had a dinner at Nicole and Cody's house. The day before, Nicole and I make these Delicious Eclairs. These were so good and soooooo easy to make. I got the recipe for her if you do want it. On the menu was: cola cooked ham, Funeral potatoes, salad, Fruit salad, and deviled eggs. Oh it was a very yummy dinner. My fruit salad tasted horrible to me but they all said it was good. I think my taste buds must be off. They must be as trunky as I am personally. LOL!
This is the cutest little girl ever. Jadyn was all dresses up in her Easter dress and carried her bunny around everywhere.
Nicole and Andrea relaxing after dinner. They are so cute.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Macaroni Grill in Taiwan for my Birthday!!!! Plus at my School!

For my birthday, Nicole and Cody went with Michael and I to Macaroni Grill. Oh it was soooo good! They were the sweetest for remember that it was my birthday that day! So, Thanks guys!!!!!!!!! I am going to miss my day time buddy when I go home along with my sweet little Jadyn!!!!!

Okay, So I got this Free chocolate cake for my birthday there and MAN was it huge and the best Chocolate cake I have had since being in Taiwan! YUMMY!!! I WANT MORE!!!!! I even had an opera singer sing happy birthday to me! That was way cool!!!


That afternoon before dinner my students celebrated my birthday also! Michael brought a cake that he made for the student to enjoy. After they sang in English and Chinese, I took out a candle and ate the chocolate off of it. They just didn't understand that at all. It was cute!

I had a great birthday! Thanks to those who wished me a happy birthday and to Nicole and Cody who help celebrate it while here in Taiwan! It was soo much fun! We should go again before I leave!

Easter Party at my school!

The school that I teach at has never celebrated Easter before! I decided to have an "Easter Celebration" for them. When we got there I had Michael take them all out and have an Easter Egg Hunt while I had the Oldest ones help me in the kitchen to learn to cook American Style. YUMMY!!!!

So, on the menu was:
Ham (lots of it)
Mash Potatoes (restaurant style)
Deviled eggs
a cabbage salad
fruit salad (whipped cream, cream cheese, and Fresh Fruit) YUMMY!!!!!
and Cheese Puff (just because they loved them!)

Okay well they LOVED the mash Potatoes and fruit salad so much. They loved everything but those were their favorite! We had a lot of fun!

Moses loves Cake

The whole group!

The food!

Teaching how to cook the American food!

Even how to peel a boiled egg!