Tuesday, March 22, 2011

had to share

If anyone knows me well enough, they know I am a total craft blog stocker! I have serveral that I check everyday! It is an adiction. Well, my adiction sometimes pays off! Today it really paid off! I found this! Click here to check out the blog and get the instructions! You won't be sorry!

I mean, seriously? How cute are these?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have thinking a lot about graditude and just what it means to me. Of course I could just give you the text book definition, but what good is that? That is just telling me what it means and going with it. Instead, I want to take about really what it means to me and just what I am grateful for, but I am going to do it with pictures!

First of all I am so grateful for...

He has blessed my life in so many ways. He has brought the church into my life. I was baptised when I was almost 12. I didn't really want to be but it was a family affair. My Mother and Grandmother found something very special in this church and decided that our family needed it. I have to admit, though I wasn't to excited about being baptised, I was very active. I was Active, but for the wrong reasons. Now, I can tell you that I go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because I believe in it. I believe all that it has to offer me. I know Heavenly Father Gave me the opportunity to grow in this church when he did so I can grow and learn. That way, when I was ready I would come to apprieciate that decision my parents made. I am grateful to Heavenly Father for providing me leaders in the church that helped me out when I needed them. I am grateful for the Men in the Church that provide the Priesthood to me and my family, and to be the "father figure" that I needed.

and for this...

I am grateful to have this beautiful Temple so close to my home to remind me just how lucky and special I am. To have a House of God so close to mine is incredible.

I am so grateful for

I cannot begin to tell you the graditude I have for my family! They have blessed my life in so many ways. I am such a better person with these two men in my life. I pray that I can be the best I can be for them, to protect them, and to help them become all that they can.

There is so much more that I am grateful for but those are the ones I mostly wanted to touch on today!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Family Photos March 2011

Meredith, our neighbor and good friend, was awesome enough to take our family photos, like she often does! They are at the Fresno City College Studio for her class project. It was so much fun. I think they turned out so cute!

Ignoring the fact that mommy and daddy look bad, Aaron looks so cute in Uncle David's Glasses!

It was getting past Aaron's bed time so it was getting really hard to get a good picture out of him!

And then he was one!

Although we have had his first birthday party, My little boy still have 5 days until he is officially 1 year old. It is hard to think about have fast he is growing up!

So far Aaron:
Can say Daddy
Can say Doggy
Loves to eat what mommy and daddy are eating.
Loves Cheese pizza (as of his birthday party!)
Can stand on his own and is trying to walk-not quite there yet, but would rather hold onto something.
Loves boxes and Tupperware more then his toys!
Sleeps all the way through the night from 8:30pm-7:30am (not training needed, he just wanted his own room away from mommy and daddy!)
Loves to play with the dog -by play I mean hit softly.
Loves his sippy cup when he can get it to work! (it is a hard one to use-mommy needs to get a new one!)
and He is the happiest and cutest little boy ever!

Enjoy the pictures!

I forgot to take a picture of his cake before giving it to him, but I made it into a monkey! It was really cute!