Sunday, December 20, 2009

better 6 month picture!

I wanted to post a picture or my 6 month mark that wasn't with my make up worn off and me half asleep at 11pm. So here it is! This was right after church Christmas Sunday, Today.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas for the 2 (3) of us!

Family Photo! We decided to do our Christmas exchange tonight due to going out of town next week. We had lots of fun. It is seriously our favorite time of year!

Can't really have Christmas without Chocolate! Sorry dad, it's See's.

Our gift as a couple from Santa was a photo book of our Honeymoon in Tahiti. SOOOOOO beautiful.

Michaels gift from me that we have been looking for for the past 3 years.

and of course his new mario wii game. (He has the best wife ever!)

All me cook accessories from Michael. ( I have the best hubby ever)

Aaron got a few gifts also. This is a cute collection of classic pooh books
The Classic Pooh story!

My turn...

We love eggnog!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

6 months

Okay! It is now 6 months into the pregnancy! Starting to really show and not look "fat". My clients at work now ask me how far along I am without questioning if I am prego or just fat. lol
In the last month I...

1. have gone through 1 gallon of milk a week (I don't normally like to drink very much milk)
2. Have had a harder time sleeping
3. started to nest, Michael loves this one. He comes home and I am either baking or cleaning. I don't normally do the cleaning part. But the house is the cleanest it has ever been! I redid our house-rearranged the bedroom to fit the bassinet and baby stuff in it. I clean our closet and organized it. Totally cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, and did all the Christmas decorating, shopping, wrapping, and other stuff to do with Christmas, went threw some storage stuff and reorganized that and donated stuff to the church and lots of other things.
4. have had horrible acid reflex. Yucky!
5. feel like I am carrying weights on my back and tummy!
6. have avoided stretch marks still! WOOHOO!!!!!!