Tuesday, January 31, 2012

She did it!!!

Our adopted sister Kristin MacIsaac just got married his month! Mom Vatcher, myself, Jennifer, and Megan all helped to put on this amazingly beautiful wedding! I am really looking forward to getting the pictures back from the reception! I did post a few pictures of what I was able to take with my phone, but not many!

My wonderful husband, with some help from our ward missionaries made the photo booth that I wanted jut the way I wanted it (see photo) and that was a huge hit at the wedding! Mom and Dad made all the food (crazy ppl) and I made eclairs (see picture the see the eclairs and the thief that stole a couple! Lol) and the cheesecake tarts! Meredith was so nice to make cake pops and Kristin's mom made homemade carmel. Jennifer also help by making some almond cookies. When I get the pictures I will most definitely post them for all to see!

Home maker in the making?

I was so excited at the end of my day when I looked back and saw all that I had accomplished that day! I stayed home from work to be with Aaron, and decided to make the most of it! I cleaned the house made a very yummy and healthy slow cooker teriyaki chicken with sautéed garlic and spinach over rice. Then I had left over spinach so I made tonight's dinner also yesterday! I made spinach lasagna rolls. And OMG they look amazing! I finished the day by cleaning the kitchen in its entirety. I felt so good, yet way tired by the end of the night!

I am soooo looking forward to when I get to do that on a regular basis!

On other news, I did cut my hair drastically! I did a longer pixie cut! (See photo) I had gotten a really bad perm and it fried my hair so I decided to start all over with my hair! The funny thing is....I love it! And so does my entire family minus Mamo and Chantel! Oh well! It is just a really fun and easy hair style! One of hear days I will get around to growing it out long again! Lol

We also have an addition to our family! We came across a dog the was lost and we were unable to find her home and he doesn't have a chip so she is now ours! She is a chihuahua mix and is about 5 months old! We named her LuLu but Aaron calls her pupu cause he can't say the L sound yet. It is so cute how Aaron wakes up and he first thing he does is look for her and call he name! I live it! Lulu loves Aaron and plays so well with him and is also a very calm and loving dog. He does sleep with Michael and I on my side of the bed! Oh i just love my new dog!