Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jennifer's Baby Shower

Two days after I got back from Taiwan, I had planned to throw my Wonderful Sister-in-law a baby shower. Well, it turned out soooooo good! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was pink! It was great! A big thank you for Mom Vatcher who helped put this together while I was still in Taiwan. Thanks! Also to those who came and made it a day that Jennifer will be able to remember. She got some really great gifts!

Her friend, Eleanor Meredith, who was our Photograph and good neighbor!

Jennifer with Grandma Noe

Myself and Dear Sister C. with Jennifer

Mom Vatcher, Jennifer, her Mother-in-law Pam, Aunt-in-law Toni, and Grandma Noe

Both Aunts, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Wendy

Mom Vatcher, Jennifer, and Myself


On the Menu:
Made by myself:
~Stuffed Mushrooms
~Homemade eclairs :)
~Homemade Cheesecake Tarts

Made by Dad Vatcher:
~Homemade Sushi
~Chocolate covered Strawberries

~Chinese Chicken Salad
~Fruit salad
~Cheese/meat cracker tray
~Veggie Tray

Over all, I think it was a great turnout! We had lots of fun! Congrats Jennifer on your upcoming baby girl!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Newest hair!!!

So, When I got to Fresno, Ca I quickly made an appointment to do my hair. I just had my Favorite girl add blonde highlights to it! I think she did amazing! She also trimmed it up a little too. My mom also went with me and cut her hair and did her nails! She never does anything like that for herself, so I finally got her to take the day for herself!!! YEAH MOM!!!! I love you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm HOME!!!!

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am home safe! It was a great, but long flight! I will blog more later! It is so great to be home! I am going to seriously miss all of my Taiwan Friends.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catching up part 3

I love the Summer! I love to swim. That is just what we did Friday, May 1, as soon as the water park opened. It was the first day it was open and it was HOT!!!!!! So we went and we had it to ourselves, because no one could decide wither it was open or not. We didn't even know until we were about to leave and just call the Bishop to go swimming at his pool. Jadyn doesn't really like the water. Nicole and Cody are trying to get her to like it more. By the end of the time there she was doing a lot better. But she really didn't like the really cold water. The inside pools were warmer so she liked those. The only thing was that we had to wear hair caps in the indoor pool. YUCK!!! She pulls it off really well. Isn't my little Jadyn just the cutest thing ever!

She LOVES her Michelle!!!
I am seriously going to Miss this family! Nicole and I are together almost everyday. It is funny because sometime we won't do anything except lay on the couch and talk about anything and everything. It is great! YOU NEED TO MOVE TO SAN FRANCISCO WITH US!!!!!!!!!

We went to the restaurant called P.S. Bu Bu and it is a car restaurant. WAY cute and WAY yummy! This was our second time going together, so we brought Leone and her little guy Ashton with us for lunch.

Ashton loved driving the car. I am in the far background of the picture. :)

Catching up part 2

Michael had gone to the restroom the other day and I hear a "OH MY GOSH!!!!" come out of his mouth. He ran for my camera and I find this! HOW GROSS IS THIS???????????? That thing is huge! Let just say now before I go to the bathroom I have Michael check it thoroughly!!!!! Closer look at the spider in comparison to my razor!!!!
After Michael got my shoe, this is what is left of it!
EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooooooooooo Gross!
We had gone to the chapel for a baptism, but got the date wrong so we figured we would take pictures at the Temple at least.

As for Foxy! She just gets cuter and cuter everyday. She finds the cutest ways to be close to her mommy! I found her between my legs sleeping one day.....see below.

I just love this picture of her above. Below: We got her a crate for when she flies home with me and she LOVES it. I will notice that she isn't by us anymore and wonder where she is and then notice she is in there sleeping. She loves the M&M blanket Mom Vatcher got us and has adopted it as her own. I am trying to decide wither it would be better to put something smaller in there for the flight so she has room or if I should keep it in there because she loves it and it would give her comfort. What do you think?

catching up...part 1

So in April, we went with the Chinese wards on a field trip. I am not quite sure where they took us, but it was pretty. Above is the group minus us (I was taking the picture and Michael was talking to the missionaries about one of our student being baptized-you'll read about in later in the post)
While we were there I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the different flowers. There weren't many different kinds but this was my favorite.

Okay, this was way fun! In Taiwan they have a traditional bamboo dance. Way fun!!!! I will teach it to you all when we get home, Just find me bamboo. At first I couldn't get it at all. I kept getting my foot stuck in the middle of the bamboo or stepping on it. After a while I got the hang of it. Now I was really enjoying it. So, we had a competition with different groups. They made me go with the singles ( My group was full so I couldn't go with them and I think even though most know I am married there are a lot that don't know or just wish I wasn't). It was way fun. I still don't know who won though. Below is Michael doing it. He caught on really fast and was really good at it. It helps that He had tennis shoes on and not just sandals like me. LOL
After lunch I went for a walk with Michael really close by and got attacked by this wooden Crocodile. He wanted my purse. So I pulled and pulled but couldn't get it
I got reinforcements. Vic is a boy I taught last semester (Click on last semester and it will tell you more or click HERE) is getting baptized! YEAH!!!! We didn't even know he had started to go to the church. Now his whole family is joining.

I got to see where they grow wax apple! I am really going to miss those! They are the best apples I have ever had.
I even got to see a real water Buffalo. They are sooooooo cute! (How Ka-i!!! That is Chinese for Very cute!)
This may not look comfy since it is wood but you would be surprised at what is comfy to you after sleeping on a blow up mattress for 7 months and a couch for 3 months.