Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years Goals!

Okay new year = a new chance at keeping your new years goals! Right? Right! (I hope!)
This year I made it a goal to go to the gym at least 2 times a week. And with my membership at bally's having daycare for my little guy, it should make it easier! Mom Vatcher and I have been doing GREAT!!!!!!!!! I started 130lbs YIKES!!!!!! Crazy baby weight! And in the 2 weeks we have been going again, I am at 126lbs now! I am getting there. Mom Vatcher Broke out the healthy cookbook and we are going to rotate on cooking recipes from it for dinner, I have my special k bars for a snack at work now, and now to just break my habit of fast food for lunch! (as I am eating a chicken quesidilla with extra jalepeno sauce from Taco Bell!) My ideal weight is going to be 110-115. So only 11-16 pounds to go! Then it will be a matter of tightening up my butt, thighs, and tummy! Really, that is my only goal! Well, my main goal!
On other news! In February, I don't know what weekend yet, we are going to have a HUGE yard well with mom and dad Vatcher, and the Ellis Family on our block! I might even see if the neighbor want to do it also and make it a block yard sell! So, I will keep you posted!

Monday, January 3, 2011


There is about to be a picture OVERLOAD!!!!!!! With all the moving that we do...I tend to loose things easily! This move I lost my cord for my camera, so I have been unable to upload photos for a LONG time!

I love dressing my little man up for Church, unfortunately, he HATES getting dressed! He screams and fights it the ENTIRE time!

For Aaron's first Halloween we dressed him up as a Skunk! He was the CUTEST skunk Ever! Plus, with Dad in the bishopric, he dresses up finally also!

Halloween weekend Michael was out of town til that day doing a writers conference in Ohio, so I went up with little man and Kristin to see the tans. The day after we got home, she we went into the hospital!
I can't believe how BIG my little man has gotten! FYI he is 8.75 months in the picture and weighs 21.5 pounds!
Seeing Grandma Vatcher at Steven Mission Opening "party". Which leaves us to the next picture....Steven got called to the NY NY Madrian Chinese Speaking Mission. He leaves Feb 16, 2010.

My little sonic the Hedge hog!
For Christmas (he's 9 months now) I was on the Activities committee and we got to plan the Ward Christmas Party. All and all I think it turned out so very good! We had good food, good music, and a good program.

Michael got me a wig for Christmas! I LOVE wigs! I think they are great! I have a really hard time growing out my hair cause I get frustrated with it very quickly. So, with the wig I get to cover it up when it is yucky!

Aaron is on table foods now, well, for the most part. He loves to eat what the adults are eating. if he is on our lap and doesn't have food of his own, he will reach out and get your food when you are not looking. So, we have just started to give him his own food when we eat, just in really really small bites. BTW he has his two bottom teeth.

He loves taking pictures with his mommy!
On to the corporate world. I got to go to my work party! This is my manager, Patsy! She is Great! and way fun!
Ok, back to Aaron, he is quite the ladies man. This is just 1 of his many Girlfriends!
He also thinks that he is supposed to do everything like and adult, like drink out of regular cups! LOL this was so funny to watch! I even had a girl and her mom come up to me asking me if they could look at him closer because they had been watching him from afar for a while now. They also wanted to pinch his cheeks! LOL that is a common want!
With Grandma Noe! He absolutely LOVES his Grandma Noe!
This was just way too funny! I handed him my bottle with just a little bit of cider left in it and he turned it very quickly into his mouth and drank it. Then continued to suck on the bottle.
Christmas morning......
Christmas dinner he had a little bit of duck, lots of broccoli (not on his plate) and a croissant.
The day after Christmas Our dear friends were blessing their baby boy! So we made a day trip up San Francisco to go to the blessing. Michael got the honor of being in the circle with Henri. This was such a special blessing because he was just baptized a little while ago and got to bless his own son! It was a wonderful blessing and I couldn't help but cry during it. He definitely had the spirit guiding him on the blessing!
Aaron was not quite sure what to think about this little guy, he didn't know weither to reach out and grab him or what to do. It was so cute!
Us and our boys that we have been wanting for a while. It just took awhile for our big boys to be ready for our little guys!
Aaron loves his present from Grandma and Grandpa Vatcher.

New years eve with my girls! Love these girls. (missing just a couple of them though!)

Well, that was me catching up!