Monday, September 8, 2008

Our New Home In Taiwan!

Our Kitchen!

The Whole Thing!

We have a cute little loft area to sleep!

And this is our view from our apartment. (Free Rent!!!!)

Okay so Taiwan, First impression, Humid as heck. My in laws were not kidding when they said I was always going to be wet (yucky). Worst feeling in the world. My time is a little bit off right now, seeing how it is 2 in the morning right now and I am wide awake!!! Not Good! Other then the heat! It is great!


Anonymous said...

That looks like a very nice place! O.o!

Anonymous said...

By the way I'm too sleepy to figure out how to work this. It's Steven :P


The Wiser Family said...

wow! what a cute little apartment (and free rent makes it even cuter!). we sure do miss you guys!

Megan Wilcox said...

your guys' apartment looks so cute, I love the loft area. I can't wait to see more pictures of Taiwan!

mputnam said...

what a great apartment! So when did you officially move there? As for the humidity..I feel ya. I don't know if it compares to where you are but it definitley makes me miss the dry heat! hahah

Christiansens said...

Its so pretty!! Put up more pictures!! I want to see more of taiwan!! I cant believe you guys are there!