Monday, October 5, 2009

Unopenable gift!

My Husband can tell you that when it comes to gifts, I am soooooooo bad at waiting to find out what is inside. I just have to find out! Well, my pregnancy right now is like that gift! Only this time I can not convince them to let me open it early! All this time I thought that tomorrow would be the day I would get to open it to just see what was inside (boy or girl) and much to my dismay, the doctors tells me I have to wait til I am 20 weeks! WHAT!!!!!!????????????? How can you make me wait that long when I know for certain you could tell now if it is a boy or girl! Are you Seriously doing this just to test my patience? Or just to irritate me to death!
Don't get me wrong! I am very excited for tomorrows appointment. I will be able to hear my babies heartbeat and find out what day I can pick into my gift! BUT.....this whole time I was under the empression I would be finding out tomorrow morning and now I am not. Kiaser SUCKS!!!

Anyways, just venting! Sunday, October 4, marked 16 weeks, or 4 months for me! I am so excited!
So far:

  • I have only gained 3 pounds so far
  • only feel nauseous when I need food,
  • I really don't want to eat food still at this point, but still do,
  • still have to eat first thing in the morning.
  • Brushing my tongue, when brushing my teeth, makes me throw up
  • I can't do Taco Bell anymore or I get sick
  • love spicy food
  • get acid reflex when I do eat spicy food
  • am finally to the point that I don't think I will be wearing heals to work on my 8-9 hour days
  • sleep really well until about 4 am then I can't sleep at all until about 10 minutes before my alarm goes off.
  • am starting to show just a little bit! ( I can't fit into my regular work pants)
Well I think that is it so far! Really I think this pregnancy has been super easy so far. I am loving every bit of it!


Megan Wilcox said...

make an apt for a 3d ultrasound, thats what I did with trent and found out at 17 weeks bc i couldnt wait. See if theres a local 3d ultrasound place in your area, you get really cool pictures too!

Nicole said...

Hahahaha. Too funny. It sounds a lot like my pregnancy--not wanting to eat, and especially not wanting to eat Taco Bell; gagging and/or throwing up when brushing my teeth...all but the three pounds bit. Pretty sure I had gained a lot more than that by this point! :) Glad you are doing so well--sooo good to hear!! 20 weeks will be here soon enough--it is a good test in patience; I'm so excited to find out what you are having too!

Josh and Kimmy said...

I was told at 12 weeks that it's a girl but I haven't bought anything yet because really, can you really tell that early?? It was a really good machine at a specialist (just standard testing you can get in CA, but probably not with Kaiser) :) So I find out for sure this week, then I'll be crazy. I almost think it'll be worse expecting a girl this whole time and it being a boy, rather than just being surprised! Oh well, good luck! It's awful waiting!!!