Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love

my very big 17 pound 4 month old!


The Ortega Family said...

wow 17 lbs!!! Xavier had his 9 month appt today and he was just over 17 lbs. Chunky babies are super cute though!

Michelle said...

wow 17lbs! He's growing beautifully! :-))

The Hedquists said...

super cute family pictures! What a squeezy little love you have, Sadie is just 20 lbs at 18 months :)

Nicole said...

Oh, my! He is sooooo cute! And those rolls! Just adorable!!!

Charise said...

Your baby is so darling!!!
I am so excited to see him again. We want you to come visit us!
Love you much,
What is with the DOG in your family photo? Hilarious!!!