Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years Goals!

Okay new year = a new chance at keeping your new years goals! Right? Right! (I hope!)
This year I made it a goal to go to the gym at least 2 times a week. And with my membership at bally's having daycare for my little guy, it should make it easier! Mom Vatcher and I have been doing GREAT!!!!!!!!! I started 130lbs YIKES!!!!!! Crazy baby weight! And in the 2 weeks we have been going again, I am at 126lbs now! I am getting there. Mom Vatcher Broke out the healthy cookbook and we are going to rotate on cooking recipes from it for dinner, I have my special k bars for a snack at work now, and now to just break my habit of fast food for lunch! (as I am eating a chicken quesidilla with extra jalepeno sauce from Taco Bell!) My ideal weight is going to be 110-115. So only 11-16 pounds to go! Then it will be a matter of tightening up my butt, thighs, and tummy! Really, that is my only goal! Well, my main goal!
On other news! In February, I don't know what weekend yet, we are going to have a HUGE yard well with mom and dad Vatcher, and the Ellis Family on our block! I might even see if the neighbor want to do it also and make it a block yard sell! So, I will keep you posted!

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