Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stop Growing Up!

 My little man is 1.5 weeks shy of being 18 months old. He is going to be in nursery all by himself now. I just can not figure out where the time has gone! 
He is ALL boy! You can see in the picture above in nice bruise on his head! He falls all the time. He runs faster then he can manage and has a complete mind of his own!

This weekend was Labor Day weekend. And being the crazy people we are, we decided to ignore the fact that everyone else and their brothers were going to be driving to and from the coast on Monday also, and head over to Monterrey Ca.

 Aaron had been to the beach one other time before and loved the water. This time however, he did not. He would not go anywhere near the water. He kept holding our hands and or legs and pulling us away from the water! It was quite cute actually! But the weird part is, that he LOVES the water, but for some reason he did not like this beach. I don't know if the seaweed creeped him out or what but he wasn't going for it.

 I love his chunky little feet! He didn't care for the sand in his toes though!
 My little man and me! Look at that big smile!


cmvp said...

Eat the balloon...do it :)

Amy Sepulveda said...

He is such a cutie!

Michelle said...

such a handsome little man you two have!