Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines day and stuff

     Valentines day this year started out just like any other day, except there were so many flowers being delivered to everyone (my residents, and Patsy). I was kinda starting to feel left out. Well, I have to say I did it to myself because I had told Michael not to get me flower cause I just kill them anyways. Well, after that I decided I would never tell him that again. To make a long story short I got home before Michael and I was a little down in the dumps cause we were not able to go out that night either cause we didn't have a babysitter. When Michael came home he totally surprised me with yellow flower and told me I was the light of his life. and then gave me a bag full of all kinds of jewelry from Charming Charlies my favorite place in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! All yellow! See photo below. Then the next day he got me a box of sees candy all Scotchmallow! yummy!

I threw in a couple of extra pictured of my little man! I just can't believe what a little man he is becoming!

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