Monday, June 3, 2013

7 year itch

     We have just about hit our 7 year wedding anniversary, unfortunately I was not aware of this so called itch. Well, Monday I experienced it first hand. I sat my husband down and talked to him to tell him that I was unhappy and questioning our marriage. It broke his heart and mine to see his reaction. I couldn't tell him why or what I was wanting but just that I was unhappy. 
     We sat and talked for a long time to figure things out. I talked to my brother and another sister in our ward and found out it wasn't really me. EVERYONE goes through it. Today, we are doing great! We took a trip on Saturday to Nashville, TN with just the two of us. It was. Ice to just rekindle the "us" in our relationship. 
     This last year has been tough and has just taken a toll on us. Michael was so busy with teaching full time, going to school full time for his masters, and being the ward mission leader, that Aaron and I have not seen much of him. We never went to bed together because he had to do his homework and lesson planning and was awake before me to go to work.  
     Today we are in NC visiting with my brother and his beautiful family til Saturday when we go to a wedding here as well. I am so excited because my brother and his beautiful wife of 15 years went through this same thing. They are such a great example of a wonderful marriage.  I am happy to say also that the feeling of wanting out of my marriage is gone. 
     I love my husband so much and love that after this little ordeal we are both working harder at our marriage. We are going to bed together and trying to make sure we have us time. Here's to another 7 years of marriage and many many more after that!

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