Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter dinner with The Missionaries!

Okay, So, we had the Missionaries over for easter dinner along with Henry and Susan and Dick and Jill. There was SO much food! And it only took me 2 hours to cook everything! YEAH!!!! I cool a Ham, Mash potatoes, Deviled Eggs, zucchini with mushrooms and Onions, and Croissants. It was all so very Yummy!

Afterwards the Missionaries gave us a wonderful Object lesson, that I thought was going to caught our house on fire! :( It was really good!

When the night was over I send the missionaries home with their easter basket that they were totally excited about, and left overs that should last them a couple of days! YEAH FOR LEFT OVERS!!!!

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Charise said...

You are so cute! I am so lucky to have you for a sister!!!!