Wednesday, March 12, 2008

HOT POT!!!!!

So, I am hosting a "Hot Pot" dinner at my apartment for my Bishop his wife, and 2 other couples. It is going to be so much fun! For those of you that don't know what Hot Pot is... it looks just like the pictures above. The is 1 really good size pot you cook with in the middle of the table, raw food all around the pot, and all your friends. You pick out the stuff you want and put it in the pan to cook and while it is cooking you socialize. it is a BIG Chinese thing to do. We are going to have beef, chicken, shrimp, pot stickers, bok choy, and other Chinese veggies. It is going to be so Cool!!! Wish me luck!

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Ashley said...

That looks so fun! Take pictures afterwards!!

Thanks for posting those pics! They are beautiful!!