Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights
8 Shows I Love

1. CSI Miami

2. CSI Las Vegas

3. Loius and Clark (not showing anymore but I own the tapes)

4. Desperate housewives

6. America's next top model

7. Dancing with the stars

8. Eli Stone

8 Thing I Did Today

1. Sunday- went to church

2. Cooked apple Cinnamon pancakes

3. Got people to sign up for the nativity play

4. Cooked a roast for Philly cheese steak sandwiches

5. make cookies

6. Made Frosting

7.Cleaned house

8.Played with my dog

8 Things I look Forward to:

1. being home in the states again (I love Taiwan though)

2. Owning our home someday soon

3. having a baby!!!

4. Thanksgiving

5. Christmas Hot pot dinner

6. the money we will make with the teaching jobs I have

7. Moving out of our studio apartment

8. Taking my grandma and mom to taiwan someday!

8 Favorite Resturants

1. Hot pots places (taiwan)

2. dennys

3. In and Out

4. Pizza Hut

5. the mexican place we go to for birthdays with the vatchers. (I am having a blank memory)

6. DiCicco's

7. Bobby Salazar's

8. anything really

8 Things On My Wish List

1. To be able to stay home and raise our babies

2. Our home in fresno

3. A second car

4. Pay off our cars

5. More sleep

6. an oven

7. for a heathy family

8. to win the pageant!

8 People I tag

1. Cody

2. Ashley

3. Ashley Tracy

4. Chantel

5. kathy


7. Ashley Ortega

8. Charise

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