Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day Events! Yikes!

Okay so Christmas was a WAY different Experience for me. First Michael spent the morning, which I didn't mind this part, playing fable II with his brother Steven. Then, we had to go to imigration Center to try to get my resident visa! Evidently Marriage isn't a good enough reason for me to stay in Taiwan with My husband. So we get their and we got a BIG FAT NO!!!

I am forced to leave, BUT it isn't going to be that bad! We are going to go to Hong Kong on the 12th of this month (January) and go to Disneyland there and do a little bit of site seeing there. Not too bad then I just do what they have been having me do this whole time and just start over! We had to rush to Costco because we were already running late for the dinner we were suposed to have at our house. We got Costco's ready made chicken, and a few other things for me to make to go with the chicken. I made mash potatoes, and brocoli and so bread with jam to go with it. It was really yummy.

So we had Jack, a less active Michael worked with on his mission and is still trying to work with him now that we are back in Taiwan, and 3 of my students for the Jaeha School, the private school I teach at Mon-Fri. We put on an english movie for my students, Enchanted, and the loved it. They all loved the food. Then Michael and I had attempted to make a cake in the rice cooker again but had to leave it while we ran and did all of our arrands. Needless to say while frosting it we found out it was just a little too moist and it was a DISASTER!!!!!! It will be a cake to remember! LOL
Over all this Christmas will be a Christmas we will never forget!!!

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Michelle said...

oh my goodness! That is a christmas to remember! I hope everything works out regarding the Visa. Really curious to know how you make a cake in the rice cooker though...let me know! Happy New Year!