Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Eve with the Yang Family

Christmas eve we had a nice dinner with the Yang family! They are the ones letting us stay in their upstairs studio apartment. They had Brother Yang's Dad come and another sister from the church. I made a tuna noodle cassarole that they loved. They ate all of it! Sister Yang made the "sushi" thing but not with raw fish. It was really good it was with tofu on the outside and ride with some kind of sauce in it and some seeds on the top. It was really good. So, I DO like that kind of "sushi". LOL We had a lot of other dishes also, like a fruit with lettus and rasin salad. I didn't try that, but it looked really good.

From Left to right: Sister Yang, Brother Yang's Dad, Brother Yang, and the other sister, Michael and Sunny, their daughter. Super Cute girl. She loves coming up and hanging out with us and watching TV and Playing the video game every once and a while. She loves trying all the different foods that I cook too. (LOL poor girl is in for it today. Nacho hamburger helper!)
Everyone with me this time.
All and All we had a really fun time!

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