Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All new crafty me!!!

My super cute origami bunnies in my origami Boxes.

My little origami Ducks.

The Final Project

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have so much free time on my hand now that I am in Taiwan and my hours have dropped at the school I teach, or maybe it has to do with the fact that I am trying to prepare myself now for motherhood when it does happen. I always knew I wanted to be one of those moms that brought the really cool cute goodies to my kids class during holidays or on their birthdays. So, now that Michael and I are talking about starting our family when we get back to the states (oh it seems so far away, yet it is only about 2.5 months away) and get our insurance going again, I am trying to get all my creative juices flowing.

I teach at a private school here in Taiwan. I teach 4-15 year old kids. They are super cute. I am teaching them all about Easter. It is a holiday that they have never celebrated before. So, being the planner I am, I decided to throw them a really cute Easter party Sat. April 11. Michael and I are going to teach them how to Color eggs, play hide and seek with them, and I am going to cook them an Easter Lunch (well, as much as I can on a very small student budget). They are all so excited for it. I am so excited about it. I think that if I can just let them all have 1 Easter to celebrate, I will feel like I have accomplished so much here. When ever I have done anything for them, including Christmas and Valentines day goodie bags, they have just been so excited. The teacher even get a kick out of it too. I might add, also, that I have NEVER done any origami before these! Impressive huh?

Okay, so other then my craftiness, I have come to really really really like my hair. The color and the cut. ( I do want to add the blond highlights to it still to lighten it up a little bit though.) Today was a very cute hair day! yeah! Just don't mind the worn off make-up. This was at the end of the day and you can totally tell.

Then there was dinner tonight. Oh man oh man, was there dinner. I made Sloppy Joes! So AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!! I tell you, I love the food here but what I wouldn't do for In n Out, Taco Bell, Chipotle, or Panda right now. YUUMMMM............. Anyway, here was dinner. We even brought some, as always, down to the Yang Family (our host family) to try. Hopefully they liked them. They seem to always like everything that we have made them, especially Burritos.


Nicole said...

Love your hair :) you look so cute lol And what a cute projects for Easter!!!!

dydy said...

The origami is very impressive. I wish I could be that creative. Your hair is super adorable!