Monday, March 9, 2009

Can I really be a "Housewife"?

I never really thought about myself as a "housewife". Lately, with all the housesitting we have done (have I mentioned that Michael and I have now slept in the entire bishopric members beds?) for all the bishopric members, I have come to realize that it really could happen. I could be a regular housewife.
When at these homes, I find myself actully doing something other then playing on the enternet. With all the facebooking, blogging, and websurfing it is very easy for me to be distracted for HOURS on end. I really wouldn't be doing anything, just looking up different party ideas, cake ideas, and now cupcake ideas. I love to plan! I could totally do this all day long. So, when I am at their houses, my housewife instincts kick in. I cook full dinners, I take care of all the kids responsibilities, and get this...... I even.....wait for it.............wait for it............CLEAN!!!! If my Grandma was to see this she would not believe I was the same girl that lived with her.
When living there, other then the regular Saturday Chores, I didn't clean! I HATE cleaning. I found it absolutely boring and rediculous. But for some unknown reason, I am starting to just do it. I find it a little relaxing, still kinda annoying, but relaxing. I think it is just the wife instincts kicking in FINALLY! It has only taking me 3 year to get it to kick in, but it has.
I have a theory on it though. I think it is because I am suck in a SMALL I do mean small place that I miss the nice houses, even my little apartment in San Francisco. Now with a new offer for housing in Daly City, I really am wanting to really be a Good Housewife and have my house nice and orderly if someone just pops in to say Hello!
ANYWAY! As for an update on how we are and what we are up too.....

Well, I am still teaching at the private school. I teach from 9-11 in the mornings Mon-Fri and 2-3 in the afternoon on Wed and Fri. Also on Wed and Fri I tutor the Chinese wards Bishop's -kids from 3:45-4:45. It makes it a Very long Wednesday and Friday. I love it and Hate it at the same time. LOL
Michael is back at school. He also tutor a little girl in Creative writing. He really enjoys it. Plus it pays for his transportation. It is way nice! He is also working really hard on his book.
Well, I think I have typed enough. I am going to go and watch a movie!

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Krysta Martinez said...

Crazy how much time we can blow on the internet huh? We would be much more productive without it. :)