Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Party at my school!

The school that I teach at has never celebrated Easter before! I decided to have an "Easter Celebration" for them. When we got there I had Michael take them all out and have an Easter Egg Hunt while I had the Oldest ones help me in the kitchen to learn to cook American Style. YUMMY!!!!

So, on the menu was:
Ham (lots of it)
Mash Potatoes (restaurant style)
Deviled eggs
a cabbage salad
fruit salad (whipped cream, cream cheese, and Fresh Fruit) YUMMY!!!!!
and Cheese Puff (just because they loved them!)

Okay well they LOVED the mash Potatoes and fruit salad so much. They loved everything but those were their favorite! We had a lot of fun!

Moses loves Cake

The whole group!

The food!

Teaching how to cook the American food!

Even how to peel a boiled egg!

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Nicole said...

Looks like so much fun! You are such a fun teacher--no wonder the kids in your class love you so much!