Saturday, April 18, 2009

Late but this was Our Easter in Taiwan

Us after a large Easter meal! Fat and Full! What a way to end the day.

For Eater we had a dinner at Nicole and Cody's house. The day before, Nicole and I make these Delicious Eclairs. These were so good and soooooo easy to make. I got the recipe for her if you do want it. On the menu was: cola cooked ham, Funeral potatoes, salad, Fruit salad, and deviled eggs. Oh it was a very yummy dinner. My fruit salad tasted horrible to me but they all said it was good. I think my taste buds must be off. They must be as trunky as I am personally. LOL!
This is the cutest little girl ever. Jadyn was all dresses up in her Easter dress and carried her bunny around everywhere.
Nicole and Andrea relaxing after dinner. They are so cute.


Anonymous said...

i want the recipe!

Nicole said...

So glad you guys came over. It was so much fun!!