Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boy, how time flies!

I can't believe that 8 months ago I was announcing that we were expecting our first baby! Now, we are 1 month from having our little bundle of joy! As I sat in our Dr.'s office I couldn't believe that I would only be seeing her for 1 more month. It is a crazy scary, but happy feeling to know that in just a matter of a few weeks we are going to hold our baby boy for the first time. He will have just come from the presence of Heavenly Father. Oh amazing is that? He is trusting me with his son. To look after him and raise him to be a loving and amazing priesthood holder, son, and someday Husband to a wonderful Young Women.

Okay lets not jump the gun.....first we have to get through all those diapers, teething, and sleepless nights. LOL I am so excited to see how Michael does with all of this. He has NEVER EVER changed a diaper, or anything like that. In Taiwan, for FHE we would have "baby Basics" lessons for our activities. One of them involved my teddy bear and a blanket. I made the Blanket into a diaper and showed him how to change the teddy bear's diaper (granted it is VERY different, but it gave him the idea a least), and then how to "swaddle" the baby nice and tight. He was so good, it really watched and took in what I was showing him. It was great! I know he will be fine when the time comes.

Its funny, sitting here in the mall, as I type this, I am watching all the different parents. I watch how they handle different situations. Some I smile at and think they must be amazing parents, and there are some where I have to wonder why Heavenly Father gave them kids. They are like yelling for no reason and even hitting. It is so sad to watch those ones. I definitely hope that when I have my little boy, I am one of the ones that would make someone smile to watch, and not the opposite. I'm sure I will be!

Anyways....time to the pregnancy catch up.

the last couple of months I...

~Have gone through 1-1 1/2 gallons of milk a week to help with the acid reflex.

~Have had to roll out of bed instead of just getting out of it like I normally would.

~ Have to have Michael give be a push to sit up from a laying position.

~only gained 17 pounds so far.

~STILL working full time at my job. Did switch to just front desk instead of leasing consultant, and having to tour all day.

~Hate wearing a bra- it totally kills my back! Weird I know!

~Started having the Braxton Hicks.

and have gotten more sleep at night, but still feels like I could sleep all day long.


kirsten and josh said...

you are so sweet michelle. i always love reading your posts. you will be such a great mother. i could not be more excited for you. love ya tons!

Peruch Family said...

We are excited for you two. You will be great parents.

Michelle said...

you both are going to be great parents! I'm so excited for you both! You know what's funny..I had to give up milk to help my little guy with his acid reflux! I love's what I lived off of when I was pregnant! Anyways..just a couple more weeks..hang in there!

Nicole said...

Sounds like you are doing great! And don't worry, you will be WONDERFUL parents! It IS the best thing to see the hubby be a dad. Michael will be awesome. Love hearing the updates--keep 'em coming. I'm so excited to see pics of the baby!!!