Thursday, October 21, 2010

15 random Facts about us!

Only difference is I redid my hair to this:

1. We have been married for 4 years 4 months and 4 days today!
2. We have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy who is 7 months old today!
3. I am an Assistant Manager at Plaza Apartments
4. Michael works at 5 Guys and Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory
5. Michael is Writing a fantasy book - very cool
6. I love to eat peanut butter, mayo, and Baloney sandwiches
7. I love doing crafty project.
8. Michael is craftier then I am. lol He is more creative.
9. I got a professional degree in Bridal Consulting
10. Anything to do with planning I LOVE to do.
11. Michael and I served in Primary the first 3 years of Marriage I hated it, he loved it.
12. Michael would love to be a stay at home dad!
13. I could never be a full time stay at home mom!
14. I want to own my own Bridal Consulting business!
15. We want to have 4 of our own kids and adopt a little girl from Taiwan!


Jen Reil said...

Peanut butter, mayo, and bologna sandwiches together? That sounds interesting!

Michelle and Michael Vatcher said...

oh is is really yummy! My grandma taught me!

Linda Sepulveda said...

michelley! Love your hair cut!! dont know about that sandwich though, i remember you used to make top ramen more exciting by putting...cheese? salsa? something & i thought it was strange. lol!