Friday, October 8, 2010


As most people know, I am an assistant maanger for an apartment complex. I love my job! I love working with all the different people and love seeing all their backgrounds. I love seeing where everyone is from, we have them from all over! It is just so cool!

Part of my job is to take the applications and process them to get approved. We have 3 simple requirement, like all apartments do. 1) Possitive rental history- meaning you don't have and eviction, forclosure, or a lot of NSF checks. It means that you have 2 years of good rental history that your landlord would totally rent to you again if you came back. Simple as that. 2) Possitive credit- meaning you don't have 3 accounts and all or most are in collections. You have everything in good standing. and 3) you can prove that you make 3 times the rent amount as your income. This is sometimes hard, because there are quite a few people the get paid under the counter in cash. Not an easy thing to prove. Well, most of the time we ask you for your last 3 paystubs. We calculate your monthly income and if it is 3 times the rent you are good.

Well, Most of the time, we approve everyone, wether by themselves or with a co-signer. Other times, like yesterday, I have to be the bad guy and tell them that they are declines and to come and pick up their deposit. Normally people are very understanding and will just say okay and pick up their checks, unfurtunately, yesterday was not that easy. Without give to much info, the person was declined for not meeting any of the requirements. So, it has been my displeassure of being yelled at for 2 days by this person. This person keeps telling me how discrimative I am being towards him because of his last name. OMG!!!!!!!!! That is rediculous! I wanted to tell him that I didn't care if he was a >>>>> or a Smith. Either way he wasn't approved. So, he was telling me that he was going to sue us and me for discrimination, well I told him to go ahead and try, but it wouldn't go anywhere. He continued to yell at me for the longest time and normally I can just deal with it, but after 2 days I was so tired of it and hung up on him and that was all I was going to put up with. I was tired of being yelled at and tired of hearing the bad language.

Well, today, after hanging up on him I get another call from someone else that knows our policy for pest control and thinks that they are special enough for me to bend the rules for them. After telling them know and seeing if they want to schedule for next week, they just scream and hang up. OMG what is with people and yelling today! Days like this make me want to hind in my house and never talk to another person ever again, or just to punch them in the face, but I could never do either one.

I am a nice person, at least that is what everyone tells me! But maybe sometimes I think I need to be not nice so people don't think they can just walk right over me and treat me like that. But I never will, because that is just not who I am. Every time I will just smile, while yelling at them in my head, calmly answer them and tell them how it is. Heavenly Father has blessed me with patience and I am going to be putting it to good use at the is job with some people.

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