Tuesday, January 31, 2012

She did it!!!

Our adopted sister Kristin MacIsaac just got married his month! Mom Vatcher, myself, Jennifer, and Megan all helped to put on this amazingly beautiful wedding! I am really looking forward to getting the pictures back from the reception! I did post a few pictures of what I was able to take with my phone, but not many!

My wonderful husband, with some help from our ward missionaries made the photo booth that I wanted jut the way I wanted it (see photo) and that was a huge hit at the wedding! Mom and Dad made all the food (crazy ppl) and I made eclairs (see picture the see the eclairs and the thief that stole a couple! Lol) and the cheesecake tarts! Meredith was so nice to make cake pops and Kristin's mom made homemade carmel. Jennifer also help by making some almond cookies. When I get the pictures I will most definitely post them for all to see!

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