Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Half way there...then a girl!

The 24th marked my half way mark in this pregnancy. Honestly, this pregnancy is sooooo much easier then it was with Aaron. 

Some prego facts this time around:
* only was sick the first trimester. 
* I sometimes forget I am pregnant when she is not kicking cause it has been that easy this time. 
* I have not gained any weight but have lost 4lbs 
* I am not craving anything unhealthy unlike with Aaron. This time around I wand sushi(the cooked kind)
* the worst part is not being able to sleep very well. 

     We are so excited for our little girl to be here. I think I am more excited cause I will have my girl finally!!!! 

Harper I love u so much already and can't wait to hold u!

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