Sunday, November 24, 2013

Family and family history

     The last few weeks in sunday school we have bee talking about Family History. It has really made me want to get into mine. That is when I remembered that I had someone in my family that has done so much work already. That is when I got of Facebook, yes facebook, and got in contact with someone special!

     Today I had the pleasure of meeting someone that I have only met once in my life, when I was somewhere between 8-10. This person is such a sweet spirit and is now sharing that spirit with the Orlando, Florida area as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Her name, well, her name is Ann Danes. My Great Aunt on my mom's side. (of course it won't be my father's side since he is not and has not been around. Although, I would LOVE to meet him. Anyways, getting off track!)
     Ann is the wife of Don Danes, my Grandfather's brother. Well, in the last year my Grandfather, Carl Danes and my Uncle Danes both passed away.  Both of these men I did not get the chance to get know, something I wish I didn't have to say. So today, like I was saying, I got to meet with Ann. When we found out we would be going to Florida for Michael's work for a week and a half, and that she was serving a mission here, I decided to contact her and set up a time for us to me. And that is what we did today. I got to go to church with her, then afterwards, my little family went to her place and had lunch with her. I got to find out that there are so many members of the church on that side and that my Brother and I are not the only active members. I found out that my Grandfather was a bit of a loaner and he really broke my Grandmother's heart when he left, which explains so much when it comes to her and men.  She then was able to show me so many great pictures of her side of the family and of my Uncle Roger, who I have also only met once, maybe twice. Along with another Aunt that I had met but her name escapes me at the moment. 
     We also go tot go on the computer and she showed me a few names in order to get my uncle and Grandfather's family history. I can not wait to be able to continue to work on our family history.

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