Monday, July 7, 2014

My little Harper

This last Friday my little Harper will be FOUR months old. So, I know I am late at doing this post but hey, better late then never.

     March 4th I was scheduled for my regular weekly apt til giving birth. Michael took the morning off for my apt as well. As I was getting ready it was just like any other apt, but Aaron wasn't awake yet (8am) so I asked Michael if I could just go on my own and it would be a lot faster. There wasn't anything real special about this apt.
     When I got in with my doctor, she asked how I was feeling. Of course I felt great! I had been having contractions off and on for about a week now but nothing that would say that I was in labor. So, I joked around with her telling her I was hoping that she would check me and tell me I was far enough along to be sent across the parking lot to the birthing center to have my baby. She just laughed and said, "we'll see!".  Well after going in and seeing how far dialated I was, turns out I was at a 4, she just said,  "okay I'll have the nurse draw up your papers".
     I didn't quite understand what she meant so when the nurse came and gave me my paper I asked her what exactly I was doing with the papers. She told me I was going across the street to get checked in to have my baby that day!!!! I was sooooooo excited! I called mike and he laughed at me cause I was telling him about me just joking around with the dr, but it being real. The funny thing was, I didn't feel any signs of labor. (it was great!) So, I told Michael to take his time and finish his homework and gave him a list of things to grab, my hospital bag the babies hospital bag, my pillow, and a blanket, makeup bag, etc..
     When I walked into the birthing hospital The lady checking me in almost didn't believe I was in labor cause I was just acting like it was another day, no pain. To be honest, it was just like another day only with a baby coming, no pain at all.
     Fast forwarding about an hour.

 Sarah had picked up Aaron and was BEYOND excited that Harper was coming that day, but I told her and Michael not to really tell anyone except our parents just incase Harper was on a different schedule then the Dr had in mind. So, our parents knew and were all excited.
     When Michael finally arrived with all my gear and makeup, I immediately wanted to put my makeup on cause I didn't want to look bad in the pictures again like with Aaron's birth. Again the nurses all laughed at me and had never really seen anyone so not in pain when this far into labor and not having an epidural. I did end up getting one just cause I didn't want to feel her come out, but as far as labor pains went, I didn't feel my contractions even though according to the nurses they were very strong.
Long story short, I finally got to push and 30 mins later my baby was on my chest and Michael was able to cut the cord.

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