Friday, October 3, 2008

Twilight Saga

I have never been one to read a book, EVER! But I thought I would get Twilight jsut to have something to read while I was here seeings how I have heard so many great thing about it. So, I did, and LOVED IT. I finished it in 1.5 days. and had my mother in law send me the rest of them which I finished before the week was up. These books were amazing. I loved them. My heart has never beat so hard while reading a book before. The action, the Love, everything about it was great. I love the love story the most of course. Now if we can just get every guy to read this and have them see the way Edward was ;) ;) He makes every girl want an Edward. I have mine of course thought. :) I recommend these books to everyone.


Megan Wilcox said...

Aren't they amazing!??!?! oh my gosh, I totally agree with you when you say you've never had your heart beat so fast before, that's exactly how I felt. The romance is incredible..she's an amazing author

Angie said...

I agree as well, I am counting the weeks until I can see the movie. It actually comes out on Lyndsey's 17th birthday, she knows we are going to that on opening day.

Glad to see some pictures while you are there, you two look great.

The Wiser Family said...

I told you they were good! Glad you enjoyed them.