Friday, October 17, 2008


Okay so after having a complete melt down first month, I am now at the part of this adventure that I am really enjoying myself. I met some nice people at church, and even though no one talks to me at all, and Iam the baby of all the girls there, they are really nice. (Well, the Chinese ward at least.) I have had a lot of fun going to the night markets. Tonight we went to the Shilin night market were we bought foxy. We didn't bring here cause she is not allowed to go out yet until next month. But when we past by the place we got here, the lady that sold her to us stopped us and wanted to see her, but we didn't have her. So she gave us her email to email her pictures of her. We found out that Foxy was their little baby and that their son LOVED Foxy. They miss her so much and want us to bring her by to see her some time.

So, while we are at the market we found Foxy's Halloween costume, even thought it is a little big on her, it is still VERY CUTE on her. She is a bumble bee.

Okay, well, Michael and I have decided that when we get back to the states that we are totally ready to have a baby. We are hoping for a boy first. Michael told me he really really wanted a mickey mouse nursery, I thought it was completely not possible, but after a lot of research I found 3 different wall papers that we put together to get what you see in the picture ( you have to love power point and photoshop). I found some Mickey mouse pictures that we want to hang in the room (just like it is in the picture) and decided we are going to have to make the bedding unless I find one that goes with our black and white Mickey theme, with accents of red. So, Mom Vatcher, Mom Power, and I will have so much fun making those together. Let me know what you think. If I should add or take out or change anything.

So, so being in taiwan has made me really appriecate the simple things in the States. Like Bath tubs! I miss my Baths. I have NEVER EVER had to shower without even a shower to shower in! Here is a picture of what I am talking about! Crazy Huh? Yeah, so, other then that! I have been getting along just fine. I have to learn how to cook all over again. I don't have a stove and almost everything I know how to cook is done in the oven or my crock pot or pan folding skillet! Wish Michael Luck! :)

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The Wiser Family said...

hmm.. I would add a diaper pail in there me they are lifesavers! Sure miss you guys!