Thursday, February 26, 2009

Me, a Mormon House Wife?

Yes!!! Can you believe it? I made a regular "Utah Mormon" Sandwich! LOL A Chicken salad Sandwich! The only thing is, I didn't have any Chicken, so I made it with tuna instead! Oh boy is it yummy!!! Another wife here in Taiwan taught me how to make this sandwich the other day! Now I am going to teach you! hahaha

Boiled chicken (or a can of tuna in this case, You can probably do turkey even)
2 Celery sticks
about a 10-15 grapes (I used green and so did she but I am sure you can you the red ones too for a prettier sandwich :) )
Fresh Pineapple maybe about 2/3 cup full (you can you canned also. I just like the fresh! Spoiled in Taiwan I guess!)
mayo enough to moist the sandwich. (I think maybe about 1/2 cup or a little less I didn't measure it for mine!)

Stir and serve on pita bread

Now you know! it is REALLY good!

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