Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Worries here

So, lately with all the kid talk and preparations we have been making in order to have a baby, we have been a little worried about how Foxy would do with a baby around. Well, all our worries went right out the window on Sunday when our friends Cody and Nicole came over for dinner with the little one! She is sooo Cute! Well, Jadyn decided to grab a big chuck of Foxy and swing her around and I would have bet that Foxy would have turned and bitten her but no. She just went with the flow and looked and Michael and I with the cute little eyes saying "Mommy? Daddy? Save me!" It was the cutest thing I had ever seen.
Well, They played and played All Night and had a blast! The picture above even looks like they are dancing! It is sooooo Cute!

We even got her potty trained! YEAH!!!! This picture is extra funny because we had gone out of town that day with the yang family and she went with us. She would not go potty outside (she doesn't get the idea that it is okay to go outside and not on the pad. So, as soon as we entered the house she went straight to her pad and peed for the LONGEST time! LOL So cute

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