Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day!

For Valentines day! I went to the jade market that morning til late that evening with another wife here in taiwan! It was really fun! HUGE and fun! Then when I got home I was surprised with Oragami Roses! ( Funny thing was I was just telling the girl I went with that I don't really like getting real flowers because I kill them very quickly. I love them to last to I love fake ones!) SO I got home and had these waiting for me it was great! Plus Michael got me this dress (shown above) for me. I LOVED it! I actually picked it out! Last one in the store!
That evening we went to the Church and we taught the english ward how to dance Swing, Salsa, and Waltz. They were so cute! More then half of the couples there were the older couple missionaries! LOL All in All we had so much fun! Then today we went to Church with the Yang family and enjoyed it very much!

Tonight we are having the Roland family over for My favorite Korean Dish (the only one I know how to make!) It is the best dish ever!

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Megan Wilcox said...

cute dress, and I love the flowers Michael made you, how creative!