Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catching up part 3

I love the Summer! I love to swim. That is just what we did Friday, May 1, as soon as the water park opened. It was the first day it was open and it was HOT!!!!!! So we went and we had it to ourselves, because no one could decide wither it was open or not. We didn't even know until we were about to leave and just call the Bishop to go swimming at his pool. Jadyn doesn't really like the water. Nicole and Cody are trying to get her to like it more. By the end of the time there she was doing a lot better. But she really didn't like the really cold water. The inside pools were warmer so she liked those. The only thing was that we had to wear hair caps in the indoor pool. YUCK!!! She pulls it off really well. Isn't my little Jadyn just the cutest thing ever!

She LOVES her Michelle!!!
I am seriously going to Miss this family! Nicole and I are together almost everyday. It is funny because sometime we won't do anything except lay on the couch and talk about anything and everything. It is great! YOU NEED TO MOVE TO SAN FRANCISCO WITH US!!!!!!!!!

We went to the restaurant called P.S. Bu Bu and it is a car restaurant. WAY cute and WAY yummy! This was our second time going together, so we brought Leone and her little guy Ashton with us for lunch.

Ashton loved driving the car. I am in the far background of the picture. :)

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