Wednesday, May 6, 2009

catching up...part 1

So in April, we went with the Chinese wards on a field trip. I am not quite sure where they took us, but it was pretty. Above is the group minus us (I was taking the picture and Michael was talking to the missionaries about one of our student being baptized-you'll read about in later in the post)
While we were there I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the different flowers. There weren't many different kinds but this was my favorite.

Okay, this was way fun! In Taiwan they have a traditional bamboo dance. Way fun!!!! I will teach it to you all when we get home, Just find me bamboo. At first I couldn't get it at all. I kept getting my foot stuck in the middle of the bamboo or stepping on it. After a while I got the hang of it. Now I was really enjoying it. So, we had a competition with different groups. They made me go with the singles ( My group was full so I couldn't go with them and I think even though most know I am married there are a lot that don't know or just wish I wasn't). It was way fun. I still don't know who won though. Below is Michael doing it. He caught on really fast and was really good at it. It helps that He had tennis shoes on and not just sandals like me. LOL
After lunch I went for a walk with Michael really close by and got attacked by this wooden Crocodile. He wanted my purse. So I pulled and pulled but couldn't get it
I got reinforcements. Vic is a boy I taught last semester (Click on last semester and it will tell you more or click HERE) is getting baptized! YEAH!!!! We didn't even know he had started to go to the church. Now his whole family is joining.

I got to see where they grow wax apple! I am really going to miss those! They are the best apples I have ever had.
I even got to see a real water Buffalo. They are sooooooo cute! (How Ka-i!!! That is Chinese for Very cute!)
This may not look comfy since it is wood but you would be surprised at what is comfy to you after sleeping on a blow up mattress for 7 months and a couch for 3 months.

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