Sunday, May 9, 2010

1 month pictures are in...

My good friend Josie took some pictures of my little guy and I (sorry no make-up on me though, I wasn't planning on being in the pictures) for his 1 month pictures. It was great! She is amazing.

in your first month you:

1. making eye contact
2. discovering voice
3. drinking up to 4 ounces
4. sleeping from 11pm-4:30isham
5. lifting his head more frequently
6.loves looking at mommy and daddy in the mirror when getting his diaper changed.
7. accidentally put his binky back in his mouth when he wanted it.
8. Loves being swaddled
9. won't sleep in bassinet, he sleeps in his swing.
10. Smiles lots when he has gas!


Jennifer said...

Besides my own, I think Aaron is the cutest baby I've ever seen. Seriously, he is gorgeous!

Michelle and Michael Vatcher said...

Oh thanks Jennifer! You DO have really cute kids! So I do have to agree with you!