Friday, May 7, 2010

A new meaning to Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all 4 of my Mom's

I never really understood a mother's love for her child until recently. I knew my Mom loved me and she would do anything for me, but it isn't until I had a child of my arms that I fully comprehended it. Being a mommy to my beautiful baby boy is one of the best feelings ever. Last night in bed my husband told me that is didn't think he could love someone as much as he loves me or equal to me because he didn't think there was anymore room in there for anyone else, until we had our little boy. And it is true. We both had our hearts grow so much when this little boy came into our lives. And I am sure it gets more and more every year he will be with us in this life.

My mom has always been more then my mom, she has been my best friend. (She'll tell you that also.) We have always been really close. Growing up without a father never really fazed me because My mom was always enough for me. She gave my sister and I all the love we ever needed and more. Plus, it meant her bed always had room for the both of us, and even all 3 of us at times. To this day, when I am in town I crawl in bed with her just to snuggle with her and watch a movie or sit on her lap on her big comfy chair (when her dogs let me). She has always been someone I could talk to and I appreciate that.

I love my mom so much and hope I can show my little man the love and support that my mom showed me and still shows me. I love you mom! Happy Mother's day!

My Grandmother has also been so important in my life. I wasn't blessed with a father in the home, instead I had a Grandmother to play that role. She, like my mother, was one of my best friends. I knew I could talk to her about anything and everything. I also knew that as much as I needed her she needed me. We both seemed to need each other. I don't really know how to describe our relationship. We were and always will be really close together. We have our moments were we want to strangle each other, but mostly we are like sisters. We would do everything together. I love her so much. She really was my 2nd mother. Happy Mother's Day Grandma!

And to my Mother in law, thank you for excepting me into your family with open arms. You are such a strong and supportive women. I am so grateful to have a mother in law that isn't one of those typical mother in laws that the wife dreads seeing. I love spending time with you and planning all that we plan together. it is so much fun! I love you! Happy Mother's Day.

Then there is my mother away from mothers. Sister Yang! She was our host mother in Taiwan! She took Michael and I into her home for a year and helped me to survive a new culture and Country. She made me feel loved in a place I didn't feel like I fit in at first. She helped me with everything that I needed help with in regards to my visa and Puppy. Although I didn't understand most of what she said we always managed to work it out. (mostly through her daughter translated for us!) I truly appreciate everything she did for us. It can't be easy to open your home to a perfect stranger and take her in as your own daughter. The year I was there I came to love her and her family so much. She really came to be my mother away from mothers, and to that I am grateful.

Myself and Foxy, Sunny (her daughter), and Sister Yang

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