Friday, May 14, 2010

Total Excitement!

Every morning Aaron and I have the same routine. 3 am feeding then back to bed, the 6am feeding and in bed with mommy the rest of the morning so I can go back to bed til 9am (when he normally wakes up next). After about 9 I wake up and what all the tv shows from the previous day on my lab top, play on the internet, 12pm feeding, then another nap for Aaron, I look up ALL KINDS of wedding stuff for both the weddings I am doing, then about 1:30-2:00pm I finally get my lazy butt out of bed and start packing and cleaning the house. 4:30pm i start dinner so it is ready for when Michael gets home (granted this last part has only happened a couple of time lol). But today was WAY different. 9:30am came and I received a call from one of my closest friends here in the bay area. She told me that she had gone to Fresno for a job interview and that it was killing her not to tell me until she found out if she got the job or not. Well, she call to tell me that SHE GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!! So, that means she is moving to Fresno with us late June to start working July 1st. I about jumped out of bed when she told me. I was so excited to have that news! We get to stay together. We had been saying how sad it was that we were leaving them and the Tans behind. Now they are going with us and we just have to get the Tans to come. (won't happen, his job is seriously TOO good to leave)

This is where my routine changed. After the call I got us out of bed ASAP and started to majorly pack. That was my major motivation to get the packing done. It made it more exciting to be going home finally! Then I packed the rest of the day with a few breaks in between. When Michael got home, however, I was totally exhausted of packing, so I took him and Aaron to the Hillsdale mall and Ikea for a date night about 45 mins from home. It is a great drive. I love it! So, all and all, it was a GREAT day!

Thank Fresno Community Hospital for hiring my freshly Graduated best friend so I can keep her and her husband with us in Fresno and not the bay area! No I just need Lucas Films to let Henri work from home so they can move down too! Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Angie said...

So who is moving with you guys? Sorry we need to keep the Tan''s not that far to visit and I am sure they will come see you guys often..