Friday, November 29, 2013

More Orlando and Newport beach happenings

 We took Aaron to Disney World Downtown again and Aaron was so excited to be able to be able to play with the legos again!

 Aaron Loved Santa, but played shy this year.

 We loved Disney's Santa! (Plus he was Free) He was so sweet with our shy boy!

 On our last day there we wanted to take advantage of it being so Sunny! It was so beautiful! Cold, but Beautiful! It has been so long since we have been to a beach. Living in TN we are so FAR from the beach we haven't been able to see it, touch it, or feel it. It was great being able to just enjoy it.

I have to mention that I feel like the luckiest women in the world. I have these two handsome guys in my life and a baby girl on her way only 14 weeks away. We do have our fair, if not more, share of trials, but Heavenly Father really has blessed us and our Family!

I mean, look at that Handsome man I get to go to bed with every night and be with for eternity!

 25 weeks and counting down til I get to hold my baby girl in my arms!

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