Monday, November 25, 2013

Orlando Florida

Michael and I had the opportunity to take a family vacation to Florida over Thanksgiving.  The first few days were taken care of by Michael's work because of the conference he was presenting at for world language teachers. We stayed in the fancy hotel and ate at some AMAZING restaurants. Friday night we went to a place called Opa Taverns. OMG it was amazing. The were belly dancers and loud music. The dancers were dancing on the dinner tables with the customers and doing konga lines with them. With it being a Greek restaurant the frequently threw napkins in the air and yelled "OPA!!!" Aaron of course loved it.
Aaron and I enjoyed the pool on Saturday. Oh it was beautiful. 78* weather the weekend before Thanksgiving! Loved it!
Saturday night we went to a place called Ming Court. Such good Chinese food. It brought us back to Taiwan! They had traditional Chinese music and Aaron loved it.

Sunday of course Aaron and I went to Church. (see the last post for the details.)

Today, Monday, we woke up in our new hotel. It had a great breakfast downstairs for us. So good! After breakfast we went to downtown Disney. It was a blast. Aaron had so much fun! He thought we really were in Disneyworld. (that's good cause we could not afford to go there this time around)

Daddy and Aaron Spent most of the time in the Lego store building things! (as mom sat on the curb wishing she already had her girl so she could do girlie stuff at that time!) We really just enjoyed spending time with each other (a rare things these days).

Okay, well, it's late so there will be more picture a little bit later.

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