Thursday, July 17, 2008

6 Quirks

Thanks to Krysta I was tagged!

1. I love to Eat Peanut, balony, and Mayo sandwiches! Yummy!

2. I am one of the few wives that will sit down and play Halo with her Husband! YEAH!

3. I am scared to death of heights, but not rollercoasters. ( I have to go with this one also!)

4. I am really picky about some foods, but will eat heart, tongue, and turkey necks.

5. I can't shop for most things if it isn't on sale!

6. I love when People (family members) sit on my feet when they are cold.

Okay so I tag Miss Ashley, Cody, and Melanie Wiser! Have Fun!


Krysta Martinez said...

Gross sandwich! =P

Michelle Vatcher said...

lol! That is what everyone says but it really is very yummy!