Friday, July 11, 2008

Tag! I'm It... Thanks Miss Ashley!

Tag!! Im it.
A ~ Attached or Single?-Attached

B ~ Best Friend-Michael. Henri, Susan, Linda, Janet, Christina, Nicole

C ~ Cake or Pie?-Cake ( Ilove making them mostly!

D ~ Day of Choice? Friday

E ~ Essential item?-Cell Phone, High heals, and Eccesories ( I know that is spelt wrong)

F ~ Favorite color?- Pink, Black and White

G ~ Gummy bears or worms?- Worms

H ~ Hometown?- Fresno!

I ~ Favorite Indulgence?- chocolate chocolate, New Maderine Garden!!!!!

J ~ January or July?- January

K ~ Kids?- After Taiwan in June 2007 Maybe!

M ~ Marriage Date?- June 17, 2006

N ~ Number of Bro & Sis?-3 Brothers (1 older & 2 younger) & 1 Twin sister & 2 little sisters

O ~ Oranges or Apples?- apples that are dipped in carmel, white Chocolate, gramcrackers crums, and surgar. (cheese cake Apple)

P ~ Phobia and Fears?- Heights

Q ~ Quote?- "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"-Albert Einstein, This one sounds good to me, Thanks Ashley

R ~ Reason to smile?- Life is what you make it!

S ~ Season of choice?- Fall & Spring

T ~ Tag Ten People?- If your on my list of Sites I love...then your tagged!

U ~ Unknown fact about me?-I do a lot of art!

V ~ Vegetable?- Asparagus

W ~ Worse habit?- I never make my bad in the morning

Z ~ Zodiac sign? Aries

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Ashley said...

lol...your welcome!