Monday, July 7, 2008

So, fourth of July was amazing! We brought Henri and Susan, two of our really good friends here in San Francisco, and showed them Fresno!!!! Wednesday, we arrived really late into town about 12:30. Thursday I had a few doctors appointment so everyone slept in. Then we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory and got so many yummy apples from Dad. Afterwards, we went and cruised around the Riverpark mall and saw all the HUGE changes. It is amazing how fast they change things when you are away! They have so many great shops there, like the Black and White store!!!!! LOVE THAT STORE!!!!!!!!!

The one thing about being married, is that you have to make sure you divide up your time evenly with both families! So, we went back and forth to both houses. My mom just moved to a new house off of shields. She just moved there so I hadn't been there yet. It is such a cute little house. I love it so much better then her old house. It is in a much nicer area and safer! I feel so much better with her living there and not the old house. This one even has a walk in closest for her to put all her stuff in. It is great! While there I got to spend time with Chantel's daughter Mackenzie. She is almost 2 now. So, I decided to give her a banana! Oh BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!! She was attached to me at the hip and would not let me put her down! So Banana got ALL OVER ME!!!!! But... I should thank her because she gave me an excuse to buy a new outfit! YEAH!!!

Anyways, Friday we found the house that Michael and I have had our eye on for 2 years know! It is so beautiful (will post photos later, my camera died!!!). We are so hoping that it will be for sale again when We are ready!

We went and saw the house Aunt Wendy and Uncle Bob are remodeling! It is beautiful!!!! WE love it Aunt Wendy!!! We can't wait to see the finished project!

Okay well I have blabbed long enough! Henri and Susan, thank you so much for coming down with us! You two are so much fun! We love you!

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